​​​​​​​Through The People

The challenge was to create digital content which celebrates the people that use the O2.
The outcome:

A series of energetic animations over portraiture adapted in two formats.​​​​​​​
The research:

In order to reach the right outcome, I set myself some initial tasks.

> Engage with the O2 community.
> Find stories that are relevant and relatable to a wider audience.
> Speak to the fans and catalogue their interests.
> Listen to the stories understand the experience.

I also brainstormed everything associated with the O2 I could think of. 
This was important as it allowed me to learn why people go there everyday and how it coincides with their interests. 
Images like these reflected the human tone I wanted at the centre of my campaign.
Creative development with portraiture and motion graphics.
This project was exclusively selected by the O2 to be shown on the advertisement boards all around the Greenwich Peninsula.

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