Lachie A'rden
UNSIGNED STORIES (with @stanreaderdesign)

The challenge was set by Apple to create a cultural narrative through connecting with an unsigned recording artist. 

A little bit about Lachie:

Lachie’s life is a battle between health and aspiration. 
Facing his third kidney transplant at 39, day-to-day life has been dominated by dialysis for as long as he can remember.
However, things have changed since his last transplant.
At the beginning of 2019, he decided to commit to his dreams in music. 
Since then, he has found a space away from his health implications where he can flex his creativity and share it with the world. 
The outcome:

An online portraiture collection sharing Lachie's story in a raw, stripped-back and human light. 
We didn't want to get in the way of his amazing story, we wanted to give it a platform.
We also created artwork his new single "Sacred". This was created through learning about Lachie's passion to "dive again".  
The exhibition:

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